🍽️The Spread (Roadmap)

Roadmaps are so outdated. At Guacamole, we focus on the spread.

Our Roadmap has been revamped with the launch of Version 2! Make sure to give it a read to explore everything we have planned.

Version 0 - Disguised As A Meme

If you're just catching up here are a few bullet points to get you up to speed before we jump into the actual roadmap ahead!

  • Stealth Launched Token & Locked Liquidity

  • Established Partnerships & Exchange Integrations

  • Launched initial GUAC Shop at Guac.gg and scaled features

  • Grew community, socials, and offerings

Now that you're up to speed, let's jump into what's next at Guacamole! But before continuing, please note that this is a generalized game plan for what's coming and some items may not be included due to confidential consideration of community IP and other aspects.

Please note that specific milestones may be alternated between phases depending on development timelines and goals. Objectives are only marked completed after they are pushed to become publicly available.

Version 1 - Launch Of New Portal

This phase marks a huge milestone for the Guacamole community with the launch of our official DeFi integrations on the Solana blockchain. Some of our planned integrations in later phases require a bit more integration time, but we're moving forward to continue building and will be focusing on the following in this stage:

Version 2 - Building A Behemoth

This stage is where we begin molding our "Super App". We aim to integrate the following mechanisms in this development phase. Supporting the Guaconomy and DAO treasury through ecosystem revenue becomes a main focus starting in this phase.

Some features may be marked complete on initial integration, however, there may still be several upgrades for this feature planned in the near future.

🧄 Trading

🍅 Earn

🍋 Play

🧅 Tools

🌶️ Launch

All launch features are offered as permissionless tools and Guacamole nor "Spicy Launch" is a fully managed project launchpad.

🥑 Extended Ecosystem

Working Together

Intermediary Mobile Ambitions

Several product improvements may be released during this stage or as we develop version 3 in parallel.

Version 3 - The Guacamole AMM & Liquidity Pools

This is essentially the largest milestone our team has set and we are working diligently around the clock to ensure we can bring this integration to life with quality and user experience in mind. New integrations in this phase help to supercharge the Guaconomy.

Additional Integrations

The following additional trading tools are also being introduced in this stage.

Going Permissionless

The initial integration phase of the Guacamole AMM allows us to monitor and make changes based on feedback while optimizing the usage of the new interface. We have greater plans though and will introduce a complete permissionless flow!

Parallel Ambitions

Version 4 - Redefining Interactions

Just like typical search engine interfaces will become a thing of the past as A.I. becomes more powerful and fully integrated, so will your traditional interfaces for interacting with DeFi and other tokenized economies. Previous phases allowed us to build one of the industry's widest variety of product offerings which will serve as the underlying interaction engine for something very special.

Continuously Improving

It is always important to continue researching AMM and DeFi improvements that we can make both at the protocol and user level for all features within the Guacamole ecosystem. We will be announcing further development as internal milestones are reached for unannounced products or improvements to current product offerings.

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