Where To Swap

Looking to scoop some fresh GUACamole? You can swap for GUAC on a growing list of platforms including: Jupiter, Birdeye, Bitmart, Orca, Raydium, & more!

Getting Started With Solana

Step One: Create A Wallet

Download Phantom, Solflare, or another wallet of your choice from the app store or their official website.

  • Make sure to confirm it's the real one to avoid scams

  • Always save your passphrase in a secure manner

  • Do not share your passphrase with anyone

  • Do not connect to phishing or scam-like websites

Community Favorite Solana Wallets

Always verify you are visiting the wallet provider's official website!

All of the above wallets are integrated into the Guacamole.gg DEX & DeFi Suite!

Where To Swap For GUAC

Bridge Assets To Solana

Community "How To" Guides

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