🥰Referral System

GUAC.GG features a built in referral system where you can share a link and earn extra points and rewards for all interactions your referred user makes!

Spread the Fun and Earn More with GUAC.GG's Referral System

Dive into the GUAC.GG Referral System, where sharing truly is caring - and rewarding! Invite your friends to join the adventure, and as they play and interact on the platform, you'll rack up extra GUAC Points and rewards. It's simple: send a referral link, they sign up, and every interaction they make, item they purchase, or raffle they enter not only amps up their experience but also boosts yours. Think of it as a reward loop where your friends' fun times turn into points and surprises for you. So, start spreading the word, bring your buddies on board, and watch your reward tally soar as you all explore the exciting world of GUAC.GG together! 🚀🥑🎁

Obtaining a Referral Code

You must log in to the platform and create a username on the dashboard before receiving a referral code!

Referral codes can be created on the user dashboard by visiting the "Your Profile" tab and clicking on the expandable "Your Referral Codes" segment.

After opening this section you will see a referral code with your unique identifier attached!

Copy and paste this referral code into social posts or your profile to get started!

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