Introducing a fresh and spicy way to launch your token or project with easy-to-follow walk-throughs. Create your token and manage your project or lock liquidity for your community!

Currently Available Tools

Concept Behind "Spicy Launch"

The "Spicy Launch" concept will be implemented in full after the integration of the Guacamole AMM and Liquidity Pools to our platform in order to ensure a full "A to Z" experience.

We aim to provide the ultimate solution to problems encountered too often within the ecosystem with the integration of our "Spicy Launch" features.

  1. Providing Further Transparency: All too often a new market appears on your favorite DEX with minimal information on tokenomics, liquidity provision, and other information that may help a user decide if entering a position is a good decision. While we can't weed out 100% of bad actors, we can help to provide a transparency and "'anti-rug" score for new projects launching their token through this system.

  2. Making Token Launches Easier: Other platforms may require a token creator to create an Openbook market or solely focus on concentrated liquidity pools. However, with our platform, you can do everything for a new token all in one place. You won't have to deal with the complicated process of creating a token on one platform, setting up liquidity on another platform, and using additional tools like airdrops from yet another platform or smart contract. We make it simpler and more convenient for you.

What's Included With This Feature?

The Spicy Launch feature includes the following walk-through in one designated page to ensure the simplest and best way to create your token and markets.

  • Token creation with metadata upload

  • Set specifics like mint and update authority

  • Easily create initial non-concentrated liquidity pools (against SOL, USDC, USDT, GUAC, etc)

  • Create Liquidity Lockers For Your LP Tokens

  • Set up standard farms or tokenized NFT Farms

  • Airdrop tokens to your community or GUAC holders (optional)

  • Manage your ecosystem through our panel

  • Burn Tokens (optional)

  • Vest tokens with audited partner platform (optional)

How To Obtain A Spicier Score

Obtaining a higher level of spiciness can be important to displaying transparency to your community. This tag will be available for all tokens launched through our platform and will also display in our soon-to-be-released built-in "rug checker".

  • Renouncing Mint Authority & Ownership

  • Locking a percentage of liquidity (for set time or forever)

  • Burning Liquidity Redemption tokens

  • Fairly launching initial liquidity pools and markets

  • Not pumping initial token prices to gather tokens yourself

  • Responsibly determining allocations between liquidity, farms, vesting, and unlocked

  • Launching with a Token/GUAC based liquidity pool

  • Further options for score improvements will be laid out with the launch

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