🎫Item Raffles

Looking to score that new game cheap? Enter exciting raffle opportunities with GUAC and other crypto-tokens in our weekly raffles portal!

We are in the process of revising and adding thorough instructions for all features of our platform. Please be patient as the documentation is finalized this week.

Looking to score that new game cheaply? Enter exciting raffle opportunities with GUAC and other crypto-tokens in our weekly raffle portal! Redemption instructions will appear in your library if you are randomly selected as the winner at the end of the raffle period. All raffle entries also accrue "GUAC POINTS" within the application on a 1:1 basis.

How To Enter Raffles

  1. Select which raffles you wish to enter and ensure the raffle is still active.

  2. Acquire some $GUAC or any other supported tokens from any of the supported marketplaces.

  3. Connect your Phantom wallet that contains $GUAC, select the number of tickets you want to purchase for this raffle, and then confirm the transaction.

  4. The system will randomly select a winner from the valid entries. The end of the raffle occurs either during a set end date or maximum ticket allocation purchase.

  5. You will receive a notification if you win the raffle! The item will automatically appear in your library. You can choose to claim the key or list it on the marketplace!

You can view your raffle entries on the following page:

Claiming Items

Items that you win in a raffle or purchase off the secondary marketplace live in your "Item Library" on the user dashboard.

Claiming the item will make the item "soulbound" in our system and unavailable for resale.

  1. Select the item from your item library by clicking "View Item Options"

  2. You will then be prompted with the popup above with several different options

  3. You can choose the following: - Sell On Secondary - Export As An NFT - Claim This Item

  4. For this purpose, we will choose "Claim this Item"

  5. A pop-up will display your redemption key and instructions on claiming the item.

  6. Be sure to follow the instructions closely to ensure the correct activation of this item.

Reselling Items On Secondary

Win an item on a raffle or giveaway and not interested in redeeming it? You can list the item on the secondary marketplace for GUAC and another user from the community can purchase it from you!

💸pageSecondary Marketplace

Creating Your Own Raffle

This feature is coming shortly!

You can also create your own raffle with items in your item library instead of activating them or listing them on the secondary marketplace!

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