Bridge Swap

Details and instructions for trading tokens across blockchains with Guacamole's integration of Bridge Swap

Users can connect their wallets from different blockchain platforms and easily bridge/swap assets over to $GUAC on Solana to partake in our growing ecosystem.

Supported Networks Include: ETH, BNB, ARB, AVAX, & SOL

Using Bridge Swap

  1. Select a source chain and connect the wallet. If this chain is NOT Solana then you will need to use the larger "Connect Wallet" button at the bottom of the bridge swap module. Ensure you are attempting to connect a supported wallet with funds that support your selected source chain.

  2. After selecting a source chain, choose the token/coin you wish to swap from that wallet and enter a valid amount of this token/coin.

  3. Then proceed to select the output network and token. Your address should automatically populate in the receiver field If a Solana wallet is currently connected and the output network is Solana. If it is another network, you will need to connect that wallet or enter an address in the receiver field.

  4. Review and Initiate the swap! Check over the estimated parameters to ensure everything looks good! After pressing the confirm button your funds will be sent through the bridge and swap functions. It may take a moment to finalize the swap, please be patient.

Make sure to pay attention to the estimated slippage and price impact of each swap to ensure you are getting the best possible deal.

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