How To Lock Liquidity

On this page you will find everything you need to know about locking your Solana-based liquidity with the Guacamole platform.

Please be aware that this Solana program is being posted as open-source and has not yet undergone a professional audit. We encourage community participation and scrutiny; however, until a comprehensive audit is completed, please understand that using this program is at your own discretion and risk. We do not guarantee the security or functionality of the program and advise users to proceed with caution, especially in transactions involving significant assets or funds.

Version 1 Lockers

Explore concepts and usage of version 1 of our liquidity lockers which deal with fungible SPL tokens as the liquidity redemption model.

On-Chain Program

The declared on-chain program ID is: ASV4VjkLoqaEzUvFS6uViAkq7Kq7jA72SNmheEMt9B3w

Prerequisites For V1

  1. Ensure that you have created a token. Preferably with the updated Token Creator.

  2. You have created a valid DEX pair. We currently support non-CLMM Raydium & Meteora positions.

  3. The LP mint tokens (SPL-based) you want to lock are currently held in the connected wallet.

You may be required to wait up to 1 hour after initial liquidity pool creation as our systems intermittently check all supported platforms for new liquidity pools.

Finding Your LP Mint Address

Learning how to identify your LP Mint token address in this step is important for proceeding through the remainder of the process. Please remember that v1 is for regular AMMs that represent positions with SPL tokens.

Our liquidity lockers work by identifying and locking "LP Mint" tokens, which are tokens you receive in return when making a deposit into a liquidity pool. These tokens represent your overall position of ownership for the liquidity available in the pool on that DEX.

  • Create your liquidity pool on Raydium following the steps in their documentation.

  • Go to the "Pools" page on Raydium and search for your liquidity pool

  • Click on the information icon next to the pool's paired assets.

  • Click on the "open link" icon next to the Pool ID, this should open Solscan.

  • Once on Solscan, you want to copy the "Pair address" and use this for the next steps!

Select Liquidity To Lock

Select "Manage Lockers" from the main liquidity locker page. This will navigate you to the portal to create new lockers and manage your current lockers.

  1. Find the Raydium/Meteora pair address for the LP Mint tokens you want to lock in our protocol and enter this into the requested input field. You can find this in the steps above.

  2. After entering the LP Mint address, our system will search and display available information for this LP pool and how many tokens for this LP pool you currently hold in the connected wallet

  3. Select "Lock This Liquidity" to get started with creating a liquidity locker for this pool.

You may be prompted to create a new vault for this liquidity pair if none exists in our system. This is normal and opens the associated token accounts before continuing.

Creating Liquidity Locker

You will be guided to the setup page after selecting which LP Mint tokens you want to lock. This page is important so please ensure you read the documentation carefully.

Choosing Parameters

Liquidity pool tokens cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances until the timer has expired. Please ensure all parameters are correct before initializing the new locker.

  • Selected Liquidity Pool Tokens: Displays the selected LP Mint tokens you want to lock. This parameter was decided on the previous page.

  • Choose Lock Amount: Enter the amount/ratio of available liquidity tokens in your wallet that you want to lock in the liquidity locker.

  • Choose Unlock Date: Set a date in the future for when the LP Mint tokens in this locker will become withdrawable if you do not relock the liquidity beforehand.

  • Locker Creation Fees: Displays the standard Guacamole fees for initiating a new liquidity locker.

After selecting your parameters and ensuring you have an ample amount of GUAC for the creation fee, you can then press the "Create Liquidity Locker" button to start the process. Please sign and verify the transaction authorization messages that pop up for your connected wallet to complete the process.

You will then be guided to the public page for this locker where you can copy the URL and share it with your community, on socials, or embed a link in your project documentation.

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