Tokenized NFT Farms

A novel approach to community incentivization without dilutionary token rewards.

This feature is scheduled for launch later in this development phase.

Permissionless Tokenized NFT Farms

We're excited to also implement a truly unique and permissionless feature within the Guacamole ecosystem, our 'Token to NFT Staking" programs.

These programs allow any project to incentivize holders of their token to stake these tokens in a time-based point setting. They can accumulate points during the staking period and use these points to receive a randomized NFT out of a supplied pool.

The NFTs should be supplied through the initial setup of the staking program and can be replenished at any time by depositing NFTs from the same collection into the program.

The user may withdraw their tokens from the staking program whenever they wish, but any current points accrued up to the withdrawal process will be lost.

Fees will be dynamically updated depending on the secondary market value of GUAC. We aim to make the program affordable for all while driving DAO revenue to continually update this feature.

Example Implementation

  • Project A creates a permissionless 'Tokenized NFT Farm" program where their token "X" is utilized for the staking mechanism. During setup, they deposit 1,000 NFTs from their new collection into this staking pool.

  • The user deposits token "X" into the staking pool for this project and accumulates a certain amount of points per day depending on the amount of tokens deposited. Please note that the system uses a calculation system that aims to even rewards out, so further deposits of tokens may not carry the same weight, however, will still speed accumulation up in comparison.

  • The user accumulates enough points to select an NFT out of the pool. They sign the transaction and the programs automatically select a random NFT to retrieve in return for the points they have accumulated. These points are then deducted from their balance and they will continue to receive further points as long as their tokens remain staked.

  • If the NFT balance in the pool runs low the project can decide to top of the pool again by depositing more NFTs from their collection (or other certified collections) into this pool. The project can also wish to end the staking pool if they do not wish to top when the remaining NFT balance hits zero.

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