Check Liquidity Lockers

On this page you will find everything you need to know about checking if the project's liquidity is locked through the Guacamole protocol.

What Are Liquidity Lockers

Liquidity lockers are mechanisms used primarily in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space to ensure that the liquidity provided to a liquidity pool, often for a new cryptocurrency or DeFi project, remains locked for a predetermined period. To fully explore the concept please start reading the documentation below:

pageLiquidity Lockers

Checking For Locked Liquidity

Guacamole makes it easy to check if the token/project you are searching for has locked liquidity in our systems.

  • Search For Token/Market Pair: You can easily use the integrated search bar on the main Liquidity Lockers page to search for a specific token or market pair. Our interface will display all pools associated with your search results.

  • Direct From Share Link: We've ensured that links to specific lockers can easily be shared in socials and project documentation to ensure it's easy to find the information you need.

The following example uses SAMPLE DATA for informational purposes. We share no relation to the following projects and they may/may not have locked liquidity on Guacamole.

Understanding Table View

  • Liquidity Pool: Displays the tokens within the liquidity pool, which DEX the liquidity source is from, and the current total liquidity in that pool as a USD value.

  • Locked Liquidity: Displays the USD value of the currently locked liquidity in our protocol and when the next unlock may occur.

  • Lock Ratio: Displays the ratio of locked liquidity to total liquidity in that specific liquidity pool.

  • View: Click on this button to view more details for that specific liquidity locker.

A View At Locked Liquidity

You will be guided to that specific locker's page after selecting which liquidity locker to view.

The example below uses SAMPLE DATA for educational purposes.

Understanding The Liquidity Locker

  • Raydium Pool Address: The on-chain address of the Raydium liquidity pool that this locker belongs to. This will feature more platforms as they are added to our SDK.

  • Locked Liquidity: This displays the ratio of liquidity locked in the liquidity lockers for this pool against the total liquidity available for this pool.

  • Token Breakdowns: This shows the number of tokens for each asset in this pool locked in our liquidity lockers. It also compares this number to the total ratio of tokens in the pool and in circulation outside of the pool.

  • Link Options: Easily refresh the page, Swap these tokens, and View the pool on Raydium or Solscan.

  • Conversion Rate: Pulls information from Jupiter to display a conversion rate for the tokens included in this pool.

  • Total LP Tokens: Displays the current number of LP Mint tokens for this pool in existence.

  • Total Locked LP: Displays the number of LP Mint tokens for this pool in the locker.

  • Liquidity Locks: You can use this dropdown to view the individual locks for this pool, how much they are currently worth in USD, and when that specific lock is withdrawable.

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