Managing Lockers

On this page you will find everything you need to know about managing your Solana-based liquidity locker with the Guacamole platform.

Important Management Notes

The management portal will not allow you to withdraw liquidity from a locker if the time lock has not expired. This portal allows you to:

  • View the current lockers associated with your connected wallet

  • Withdraw locked liquidity after the lock has expired.

  • Relock liquidity for longer at any time.

You can click on "Manage Lockers" on the main Liquidity Lockers page to access the management page.

Select Locker To Manage

After directing to the correct page, you can toggle "Manage Lockers" to view the lockers associated with your account. If you have locked liquidity and the page fails to display this liquidity then you can search for the LP Mint token in our system and access the page with this backup.

After finding your liquidity lockers you can then select a locker to be forwarded to the locker management page.

Available Options

The following options are currently available on the locker management page.

View Public Page

This provides an easy way to navigate to the public page of your liquidity locker so that you can share the URL on socials or with your community.

Relock Liquidity

This feature allows you to relock liquidity for longer before the time lock process has expired. You can also use this to relock liquidity on an expired locker without withdrawing. Please note that all standard locker creation fees apply to liquidity relocks in our system to prevent gaming the protocol.

Withdraw Liquidity

This option will only become available after the time lock has expired. You can withdraw the locked liquidity tokens back to your connected wallet.

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