🧩List Your Token

Instructions for application to have your token listed in the shop and rewards section of our growing ecosystem.

Adding Token Utilities

Having your token listed on the GUAC SHOP can add instant utilities and use cases for your community to partake in.

Examples of Integration Within The Shop

  • Purchase games, subscriptions, software, and gift cards with the token.

  • Special rewards and giveaway campaigns for holders of the token.

  • Special item raffle promotions for holders of the token.

  • Introduction to new communities across blockchains, exchanges, and 3rd party integrators.

Items may not be able to be purchased with NFT's (yet), but you can also apply to have your NFT project listed within the rewards, giveaway, and raffle promotions campaigns.

Token Prerequisites

Our system requires the token to be liquid and have an avid community for integration purposes.

Requirements For Application

  • Over $100k TVL on-chain with minimal slippage on orders of $100+

  • Preferential listings will be applied for tokens with protocol-locked liquidity.

  • Holder requirements may vary depending on tokenomics and community sizes.

  • The token must have mint authority revoked.

  • Applicable pricing APIs through Jupiter (Solana Tokens) against USDC must apply

Initial tokens must be SPL tokens on Solana. We will shortly be opening up the Shop systems to other blockchains like ETH, BNB, and several other EVM-based chains.

Application Process

We are currently pushing updates to the GUAC SHOP to allow for an automated listing process. Please reach out via our official Discord in the meantime and open a support ticket.

Shop Listing Fees

A 5 Billion Guacamole (GUAC) fee applies to finalize the listing process if your token has completed our integration review process. This fee is paid to the AvocaDAO treasury.

We may revisit this fee often depending on certain market dynamics.

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