🪙The $GUAC Token

GUACamole (GUAC) is a Solana-based token with community-oriented design and tokenomics. It all started with a meme and transformed into something much greater.

Official Token Information

Guacamole ($GUAC) is native to the Solana Blockchain and does NOT currently have any official deployments on other chains. Please check the address for verification.

The official contract address is: AZsHEMXd36Bj1EMNXhowJajpUXzrKcK57wW4ZGXVa7yR

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What Makes Guacamole Special?

A brief overview of what makes GUAC special from a launch standpoint. To learn more about the tokenomics design of Guacamole please visit "Tokenomics Design".

The GUAC token was fairly stealth launched during the week of Cinco De Mayo 2023.

This stealth launch included no presales or opportunities for insider/investor allocations. The token address was also posted via our linked metadata socials after the initial markets and liquidity had been deposited. This helps to ensure no bots or algorithmic strategies can "bot" the launch of a token, which can make things unfair.

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Interested in exploring what makes GUAC special and so fresh? Here's a good place to start!

Disclaimer / Risks

Remember that $GUAC was created as a community-oriented meme coin! $GUAC is a meme coin with absolutely no intrinsic value, expectation of financial return, or official roadmap and speculative promises. There is no formal team and all decisions are made through the $GUAC DAO (AvocaDAO) or community. We're all here for entertainment purposes only. All integrations are developed by third parties and showcased on this website and other interfaces for visibility purposes only.

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