💚Rewards And Points

An extensive points system designed to reward interactions within the expanding Guacamole ecosystem and partnership integrations.

What Are Reward Points

With Reward Points, you can unlock a world of possibilities within the expanding ecosystem. Accumulate these points through various interactions and redeem them for amazing prizes, boosts, items, NFTs, and more.

How To Earn Reward Points

Earning points is simple! As a user within the ecosystem, you can accrue points to the currently connected wallet by doing the following:

  • Enter raffles and giveaways within the GUAC SHOP

  • Purchasing items on the GUAC SHOP or Secondary Marketplace

  • Sharing your referral codes and receiving points for other user's participation

  • Completing Learn To Earn Guides in the Avocademy

Earn Points Through Partners

We're excited to announce that you can now earn points through partner integrations! Please check out the following pages to view how these systems work on guac.gg!

Pending Rewards earned through partner integrations are available to claim as either GUAC Points or for GUAC to the connected wallet!

Claim Pending Rewards For GUAC

GUAC Points themselves can NOT be redeemed for GUAC. The user has the choice to convert partner rewards for GUAC instead of points on the redemption panel.

Pending rewards from the exchange partners above can be redeemed for GUAC instead of GUAC points! The pending rewards are converted in our system to acquire GUAC on secondary marketplaces through Jupiter integrations and deliver the tokens directly to the linked wallet!

Earn Points Through DeFi Suite

Public tracking and reward points missions will be included in the DeFi suite shortly.

Starting shortly, you can also accrue points by using every facet of our DeFi ecosystem

  • Make a swap on the aggregator

  • Bridge assets through the bridge swap

  • Places trades on the crypto futures

  • Deposit assets into dynamic lending vaults

  • Stake Solana with Marinade Finance through Guacamole

  • Deposit GUAC into a Tokenized NFT Farm

  • Playing a variety of games in the Play section

  • Utilizing Spicy Launch and portfolio management tools

  • Through the Guacamole DeFi referral systems

Redeeming Points

Points can currently be redeemed for items in the Item Marketplace. We will be adding more reward redemption tools shortly.

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