Guacamole aims to provide the simplest and most intuitive on-chain trading experience for users of all levels within the Solana ecosystem. The Guacamole AMM & other integrations power the platform!

Guacamole is a decentralized exchange, which means any user can connect their compatible wallet and interact! Every swap, trade, and interaction on Guacamole is routed directly through your wallet helping to create a trustless ecosystem.

We have also decided to take a unique approach within our ecosystem and integrate other amazing Solana-based protocols and products that aim to make the user experience simpler. By doing so, we can ensure that users always get the best options and become empowered with further advanced options not widely available on regular DEX platforms.

The Guacamole decentralized exchange is created with community contributions to help drive the mission of decentralized finance expansion on Solana and beyond forward! Our initial aim with all offerings in this category is to make your experience as straightforward and frictionless as possible.

Let's dive below into all current and planned integrations. You can also click on specific integrations to learn more about how to interact with them!

Swap Aggregator

As with most decentralized exchanges, the swap module provides the simplest way to interact and exchange your tokens in a two-click manner.

Aggregation of the most efficient routes for optimal return on swaps has become an important cornerstone of the Solana ecosystem with platforms like Jupiter.

The Guacamole community understands this and wants to ensure that all users of the platform are always entitled to the best route and most efficient swap methods.

pageSwap Aggregator

Bridge Swap

Users can connect their wallets from different blockchain platforms and easily bridge and swap assets over to Solana to partake in our growing ecosystem.

Supported Networks Include: ETH, BNB, ARB, AVAX, & SOL

pageBridge Swap

On/Off Ramp

Our Buy, Sell, & Use Crypto section provides several ways to onboard and offboard throughout the Guacamole and greater Solana ecosystem.

  • On/Off Ramp with Kado: Buy SOL & USDC with your credit card and other options

  • Purchase a prepaid Visa or Mastercard with GUAC and other tokens

  • Buy Games, Software, & More: Access to the GUAC.GG shop and marketplace

GuacSwap AMM

GuacSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) and powers the Guacamole DEX. This program consists of two public-facing features: Swap and Liquidity Pools.


The GUAC Swap feature on Guacamole allows users to trade and directly interact with the Guacamole AMM and liquidity pools instead of aggregating trades through all available DEXs in platforms like Jupiter Aggregator. Guac Swap will become the default swapping method on launch, however, a trader can still choose to utilize Jupiter Aggregator by toggling the setting on the swap page. This feature will also be available through our publicly available code and SDK.

pageSwap Aggregator

Liquidity Pools

You can only swap tokens on Guacamole if there is sufficient liquidity for those tokens. If there is limited liquidity for the token or tokens you wish to swap, the transaction may be difficult, expensive, or impossible to complete.

Providing liquidity to GuacSwap pools will earn yield in the form of trading fees and farm emissions to ensure there is always ample liquidity to support trading.

pageLiquidity Pools

Peer To Peer Swaps

This feature is scheduled for launch later in this development phase.

Initiate peer-to-peer swaps for assets like Tokens and NFTs through the Guacamole interface.

Proposed Fees: 0.02 SOL per swap or FREE for Avotar NFT holders.

Limit Orders

This feature is scheduled for launch later in this development phase.

Limit orders provide users with the simplest way to place limit orders on Solana and receive tokens directly in their wallet when the order is filled!

Dollar Cost Average / TWAP

This feature is scheduled for launch later in this development phase.

Dollar-cost averaging systems provide users with a straightforward way to set time-determined sell or buy orders and can be an excellent way to automate your portfolio trades.

TWAP Integrations

TWAP stands for "Time-Weighted Average Price. TWAMMs pool large orders together then breaks them down into small pieces, and executes them over a specified time interval. Orders with opposite sides are internally matched using the Oracle price, and net outstanding liquidity is settled via the best possible execution route available with Jupiter.

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