Token Manager

Use the Guacamole no-code token management portal to easily control aspects of your token ecosystem on Solana and the token itself.

This page shows documentation for our revised token management portal, which will be released shortly.

Selecting A Token To Manage

In order to select a token to manage, you will first need to connect your Solana wallet. Please make sure the connected wallet is the same wallet used to create your token and shares the "Update Authority" for this token.

After connecting your wallet, our system will search for tokens associated with your account. You can then click on the displayed token to take you to the token management page.

Available Management Options

The following options are available for your selected token if the connected wallet holds update authority for this token.

Update Token Metadata

This option allows you to easily change the following in the attached token metadata:

  • Token Name

  • Token Symbol

  • Description

  • Token Icon

Burn Tokens

This option allows you to specify a certain amount of the selected token available in your wallet to burn. This tool can be useful if you are looking to permanently decrease the supply of your token.

Revoke Mint Authority

This option allows you to fix the supply of your token forever. Revoking the mint authority will result in the inability to create more tokens. This feature is popular with communities who want to ensure that the token supply will not randomly increase.

Change Update Authority

This option allows the current update authority wallet to either change the update authority to a new wallet or to permanently revoke the update authority so that no changes can be made to the metadata or other associated authorities if they have not been revoked yet.

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