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An innovative social crypto experience powered by Guacamole's portfolio tracker and rewards marketplace. Earn amazing incentives for exploring and using our tools or participating in our economy.

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Learn more about everything this action-packed part of our ecosystem provides for web3 enthusiasts!

Verified Premium Roles

Holding an Avotar or certain GUAC allocations grants premium membership status within the application! Earn extra rewards and receive extra discounts on all purchases.

😎pageGUACamole Avotars🪙pageThe $GUAC Token

Item Marketplace

The GUAC Shop is a first-of-its-kind experience where you can connect your Phantom wallet and directly buy tons of amazing items like game keys, gift cards, software, and more! All purchases will appear in your item library where you can claim them or eventually export them as an NFT. Purchases in the GUAC shop also award GUAC Points usable in other parts of our ecosystem.

🛒pageItem Marketplace

List Your Token

Having your token listed on the GUAC SHOP can add instant utilities and use cases for your community to partake in.

Examples of Integration Within The Shop

  • Purchase games, subscriptions, software, and gift cards with the token.

  • Special rewards and giveaway campaigns for holders of the token.

  • Special item raffle promotions for holders of the token.

  • Introduction to new communities across blockchains, exchanges, and 3rd party integrators.

🧩pageList Your Token

Item Raffles

Looking to score that new game cheaply? Enter exciting raffle opportunities with GUAC and other crypto-tokens in our weekly raffle portal! Redemption instructions will appear in your library if you are randomly selected as the winner at the end of the raffle period. All raffle entries also accrue "GUAC POINTS" within the application on a 1:1 basis.

🎫pageItem Raffles

Secondary Marketplace

Got something from a raffle or the marketplace that's not your cup of tea? Sell it on our platform and earn some $GUAC.

💸pageSecondary Marketplace

Holder Giveaways

Weekly giveaways for $GUAC and AVOtar holders. Each holder gets 1 free entry per item! Winners are randomly selected each week as prizes rotate.

🎁pagePoint Giveaways

Rewards & Points

Jump into the world of Guac.gg and start collecting GUAC Points just by playing around in our app! It's like a treasure hunt where every activity brings you closer to awesome goodies. Imagine unlocking the coolest games, snagging subscriptions, boosting your experience, or even upgrading your AVOtar - all with the points you earn. And guess what? You can even turn some of those rewards into shiny GUAC tokens! It's a fun-filled journey where your actions turn into amazing rewards. Start exploring and earning with Guac.gg today! 🌟🥑🎮

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Export Item As Solana NFT

This integration is coming shortly!

Export any unclaimed items as an NFT on Solana. List the item in an NFT marketplace, send it as a gift, or just use this system to transfer ownership.

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