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Search and easily purchase games, gift cards, subscriptions, and more from our growing library. You can even save some hard-earned cash.

The GUAC Shop is a first-of-its-kind experience where you can connect a supported Solana wallet and directly buy tons of amazing items like game keys, gift cards, software, and more! All purchases will appear in your item library where you can claim them or eventually export them as an NFT. Purchases in the GUAC shop also award GUAC Points usable in other parts of our ecosystem.

How It Works

The GUAC Shop is integrated with several key delivery systems and providers to offer a growing list of games, subscriptions, gift cards, and software at competitive and cheaper rates than other platforms like Steam, Origin, etc.

Guacamole hosts a "Float" fund between the key providers and allows users to purchase these items with minimal markup (and extra discounts for Avotar holders). The payment is then forwarded to Guacamole and the item cost is deducted from Guacamole's float fund with these integrators. The payment is then rerouted back into the float fund and other integrations to ensure that we can continue providing this novel crypto-utility!

Supported Item Types

We offer a variety of supported platforms for key redemptions within our system. Ensure that you meet eligibility and activation requirements before purchasing an item!

  • Steam

  • Origin

  • Xbox / Windows

  • PlayStation

  • Nintendo

  • Rockstar

  • Ubisoft

  • GOG

  • Gift Cards

  • Software

Item Specifics

Each purchasable item may have its own activation requirements attached. Please ensure that you or the wishful activator meet these requirements in order to activate the delivered key.

Due to the nature of these integrations, the GUAC SHOP does not currently offer refunds of any kind. Please double-check all requirements before making a purchase!

Purchasing An Item

Purchasing an item on the GUAC Shop is a simple and intuitive process!

  1. Search for and select the item you wish to purchase and navigate to that item's shop page

  2. Connect your applicable Solana wallet and sign the message to log in or create an account.

  3. After logging in, the purchase button will appear! Click on this button to start your transaction.

  4. Ensure that you have enough of the selected token & authorize the transaction.

  5. The transaction will be completed and the item will be delivered to your item library.

  6. View the key and follow the claim instructions to ensure you activate the item successfully.

Earn More Reward Points

All transactions and purchases through the GUAC SHOP earn eligible Reward points as a reward that can be redeemed in our portal for extended prizes.

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