Tokenomics Design

Explore the GUACENOMICS (Tokenomics) of the $GUAC token ecosystem.

Initial $GUAC Token Allocations

There were a total of 99 Trillion $GUAC tokens minted on launch. The creator address also renounced ownership of the contract and can not issue more $GUAC tokens at any time.

AllocationAmount Of TokensPercent Of Total

Locked In Liquidity Pool

93.06 Trillion

94% Of Tokens

Exchanges & Integrations

5.94 Trillion

6% Of Tokens

The creator wallet handed over all remaining tokens to the AvocaDAO so that $GUAC was a fully community-owned project. Any further tokens you may see transferred to this address are from other revenue sources or royalties and will be transferred to the DAO in batches. The DAO may choose to transfer tokens back to the Creator wallet through proposals in order to finalize specific integrations.

Tokens Locked In Liquidity Pool

These tokens were immediately deposited into a Raydium $GUAC-$USDC liquidity pool on our stealth launch and locked there forever.

Token Safety Aspects

Several different initiatives have been taken with the creation and management of the Guacamole token contract to ensure risks are minimized from a token contract point of view.

Ownership of the token contract has been renounced by the Creator Wallet to ensure no new tokens can be minted at any point in the future.

Important Addresses And Wallets

Token Design Considerations

Research of tokenized ecosystems and communities helped the founding contributors create a formula for Guacamole's tokenomics that we refer to as "Guacenomics".

Stealth Launched

The GUAC token was fairly stealth launched during the week of Cinco De Mayo 2023.

This stealth launch included no presales or opportunities for insider/investor allocations. The token address was also posted via our linked metadata socials after the initial markets and liquidity had been deposited. This helps to ensure no bots or algorithmic strategies can "bot" the launch of a token, which can make things unfair.

Fair Distribution

A fair launch refers to an equal distribution of a token at launch, giving everyone an equal chance to purchase tokens. The founding contributors felt the best way to gain fair distribution was through a complete stealth launch.

No Inside Allocations

Insider allocations of all types have historically led to detrimental effects on long-term health of tokenized communities and ecosystems.

There were absolutely no investor, team, advisor, or other insider allocations in the tokenomics design of Guacamole.

This also means that all tokens are circulating on the market or being "scooped" by the AvocaDAO for use in public treasury growth proposals. Everyone has an equal opportunity.

Locked Liquidity

94% of all total tokens were paired against $USDC in a new Raydium pool on launch.

Immediately after this pool was created, the redemption tokens for this newly deposited liquidity were burned forever. Burned liquidity can never be moved, pulled out, or managed.

This ensures that the GUAC ecosystem always has underlying liquidity and helps to protect all forms of users and traders within the ecosystem.

The link to this transaction is available HERE.

Complete Transparency

All token movements by the intermediary wallet and the AvocaDAO should be accompanied by "Transparency Reports" through official social channels.

They should explain:

  • The amount of tokens being moved

  • Why the tokens are being moved

  • Contain block explorer links to the transactions.

All token movements from the official AvocaDAO treasury wallet can only be initiated by a majority governance vote.

Use Cases & Integrations

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