There are several exciting features within the "Earn" section of the Guacamole platform. Features in this section allow users to utilize a variety of integrations to earn tokens, NFTs, and more.

There are several exciting features within the "Earn" section of the Guacamole platform. Features in this section allow users to utilize a variety of integrations to earn tokens, NFTs, and more through farms and staking.

Guacamole aims to make all tools in the Earn section of the ecosystem permissionless. This means that any other user or project can utilize our tools to create novel integrations for their communities!

Dynamic Lending Vaults

Experience the power of Dynamic Vaults, where you have the freedom to deposit or withdraw your assets whenever you want. Your deposited assets are smartly allocated to top-performing lending protocols like Solend, MarginFi, and more. Through this integration with Meteora, we can provide users with a smart approach that balances high yields and risk protection, including rigorous protocol audits, insurance coverage, and open-source reliability.

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Guacamole Staking Options

Links to GUAC staking options through Dual Finance have been removed from the updated DEX interface.

Stake or deposit your GUAC in one of the available options to earn rewards, staking options, and fees while helping to grow the ecosystem and protocol liquidity.

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Liquid Solana Staking

Guacamole plans to integrate several liquid staking protocols, starting with Marinade Finance's mSOL token. Users can use our interface to stake their SOL for mSOL, which represents your staked position. Think of the token as a "reciept" that you can still utilize within the ecosystem.

You can exchange tokens like mSOL back at anytime to SOL for the initial amount deposited and any extra rewards your position may have earned in the meantime through Solana staking inflation.

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Permissionless Tokenized NFT Farms

We're excited to also implement a truly unique and permissionless feature within the Guacamole ecosystem, our 'Token to NFT Staking" programs.

These programs allow any project to incentivize holders of their token to stake these tokens in a time-based point setting. They can accumulate points during the staking period and use these points to receive a randomized NFT out of a supplied pool.

The NFTs should be supplied through the initial setup of the staking program and can be replenished at any time by depositing NFTs from the same collection into the program.

The user may withdraw their tokens from the staking program whenever they wish, but any current points accrued up to the withdrawal process will be lost.

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Permissionless Farms

This feature is scheduled for launch later in this development phase.

Farms are an opportunity to incentivize liquidity providers even more by providing additional benefits. Users who deposit tokens into a Liquidity Pool receive tokens representing their pool positions. These Liquidity providers can then deposit their LP tokens into a farm, which is a collection of smart contracts. While those LP tokens are in the farm, the depositor can receive additional incentives.

In a permissionless setting, any user or project can set up their farm on Guacamole to further incentivize liquidity provision for their ecosystem. To do so, they will need to follow the instructions (that will be posted with the launch of this feature).

Creating a permissionless farm will also require $GUAC.

  • Official Guacamole farms will enable $GUAC as further rewards for liquidity providers wishing to also utilize the farm features.

  • Farms can be established for any token market that exists within the Guacamole AMM/LP systems.

  • Creating farms will also be a simplified experience, ensuring any level user can easily move forward with incentivizing their community.

  • Emissions and length of the farm are also customizable with each farm implementation.

We are also aiming to integrate the possibility of creating farms for liquidity pools that may be based on other decentralized exchanges. More information on this topic shortly.

Expansion of "Earn" Initiatives

The Guacamole community looks to further expand these features with more novel integrations. We have decided to end the preview documentation here to focus on currently planned features that are actively being developed and worked on.

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