๐Ÿ’กThe AvocaDAO

The AvocaDAO, otherwise known as the $GUAC DAO, is a decentralized community of $GUAC holders led by an elected council that vote on important decisions regarding the community as a whole.

What is the AvocaDAO

Welcome to AvocaDAO, the core of the Guacamole ecosystem. Here, GUAC holders come together, forming a community dedicated to decentralized decision-making. Your GUAC token is more than just a digital asset; it's your key to participating in a collaborative governance model that values every member's input.

A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, redefines traditional governance by operating without a central authority. Utilizing blockchain technology, it emphasizes transparency, security, and participatory decision-making. In AvocaDAO, members have the power to vote on important matters, shaping the direction of our community.

Central to AvocaDAO is the elected council, chosen by the community to represent and implement its collective decisions. This council acts as facilitators rather than leaders, ensuring decisions about the treasury and community projects align with the broader consensus. This is community governance in action, where every GUAC holder contributes to our shared future.

Council And Contributors

It is important to note that the general elected council is different from the core contributor roster. Let's look into the responsibilities and definitions of both below:

Core Contributor

Introducing the driving force behind Guacamole: our core team of contributors, led by "Guac Intern," the visionary founder who started it all. This team is the powerhouse of our ecosystem, tirelessly innovating and developing to bring new features and possibilities to life.

Many contributors enjoy working behind the scenes, though you may occasionally see them participating anonymously in our public Discord chats. Their main goal is to develop features that boost revenue and support the growth of the AvocaDAO treasury, helping our ecosystem thrive.

While these contributors play a crucial role in our growth, they don't control the DAO treasury directly. Instead, they participate in our community's democratic processes, voting and voicing their opinions just like any other member.

Elected Council Member

From the early days of the Guacamole ecosystem, the AvocaDAO council was formed through democratic meansโ€”debates, discussions, and votes, building a foundation for governance. This group was tasked with guiding the DAO treasury to support the ecosystem's growth, ensuring thoughtful and impactful decisions were made for our future.

The council works separately from the development team and has no insider knowledge of inner development workings, focusing instead on how best to use our resources for strategic initiatives. They review proposals, support promising projects, and ensure only those with real potential are put forward for community voting.

Council members volunteer their time and effort without pay, showing their deep commitment to our goals. They are held accountable by the community and have a responsibility to act in its best interests, with processes in place to correct any actions that could lead us astray. The AvocaDAO council is a testament to our values of openness, responsibility, and collective progress.

Maintaining a distinction between the community council and the development team allows us to preserve essential checks and balances within our ecosystem. The council serves as the community's voice, guiding our collective direction. It's important to note, however, that the council isn't the Guacamole team in the traditional sense; they are solely elected guardians of our treasury, tasked with stewarding our resources wisely.

The only member to hold both roles is our founder, Guac Intern, and his presence on the elected council is the result of democratic voting procedures like any other member.

The DAO Treasury

The Grand Treasury

The AvocaDAO navigates the world of governance using Realms, a platform that serves as the foundation for our proposals and group choices. This system is where we decide how to distribute resources to initiate new integrations, drive growth, and fund our journeyโ€”all through the transparent process of public proposals. In this democratic space, every member's input helps direct our path forward, moving us towards a thriving future for our ecosystem.

Intermediary Wallet

The intermediary wallet serves as our financial cornerstone in the Guacamole ecosystem, expertly managing and converting fees collected from various sources into GUAC, our community's cornerstone. It ensures these funds reach our main treasury wallet, ready to support our growth and initiatives. Acting with the speed and agility needed in the ever-changing crypto landscape, this wallet keeps a ready stock of essential tokens. Whether it's boosting emerging integrations or paying an immediate bug bounty, this wallet is more than just a holder of fundsโ€”it's vital to our ecosystem's health and expansion, keeping us dynamic and ready for what's next.

DAO Funding

The AvocaDAO is fueled by a variety of initiatives designed to enrich our treasury, paving the way for innovative proposals and the growth of our ecosystem. Take a closer look at our thriving economy in the Guaconomy section, where you'll find valuable insights.

Fees collected from our array of products are crucial, flowing directly into AvocaDAO's treasury or the intermediary wallet, acting as the heartbeat of our operations. This cycle of financial growth does more than just expand our resources; it embodies our shared dreams, making sure every bit of revenue contributes to our collective vision.

๐Ÿ“ถpageThe Guaconomy

Voting Process

To participate in voting on AvocaDAO decisions, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the AvocaDAO Realms portal.

  2. Connect your Solana wallet.

  3. Click the "Deposit Governance Tokens" button. You may see a confirmation box for depositing your GUAC tokens. Click "Deposit" to proceed.

  4. A wallet approval pop-up will appear, showing the deposit of your GUAC tokens. Note that you can withdraw your tokens later if needed.

  5. Your deposited GUAC tokens will now appear in the Governance Tokens Panel, indicating they are in the governance contract and not in your wallet.

  6. To vote, select the proposal you want to view and vote on. Look for the "Cast your vote" box at the bottom right corner of the screen. Choose either "Approve" or "Deny" and confirm your selection. You can also include a message with your vote. Remember to approve the transaction using your wallet to complete the process.

  7. You can withdraw your tokens anytime, but if you withdraw before the voting period ends, your vote will be retracted. Once the vote is complete, you can safely withdraw your tokens without affecting the outcome of your vote.

Remember, your voice matters in AvocaDAO, and by following these steps, you can actively participate in shaping the decisions of the community.

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