🔥The $AVO Token

A brief description of the Avocado ($AVO) token, which is used for several purposes within the $GUAC ecosystem.

Contract Address

Avocado ($AVO) is native to the Solana Blockchain.

The official contract address is: 2qWRRwrK9VGBKtJwfoN8Nn6ivCTTwDf4trkUBkE2inEn

Token Details

  • Only 2000 $AVO will ever exist. These tokens will be burnt after redemption in several cases.

  • AVO was distributed for participation in events and usage of products in the GUAC ecosystem.

  • Please note that the $AVO token is a 0 decimal token and can not be broken into fractions!

Use Cases

The first primary purpose of the $AVO token was as a whitelisting mint mechanism for the AVOtar mint. AVO's were burnable to mint an Avotar during the initial minting period.

Possible Future Integrations

  • Redeemable for raffle and giveaway boosts in the applications

  • Used for specific upgrades to artwork within the AVOtar project.

  • May act as a coupon within the full marketplace on launch

  • Redeemable for AVO-specific merchandise

All of the above possibilities will burn an $AVO on use. As the supply decreases, incentives to redeem or spend your $AVO will increase.

Trading Markets

There is currently an AVO/GUAC trading market with a liquidity pool on Meteora. This liquidity has been supplied by the AvocaDAO and locked for 4 years in our Liquidity Lockers system.

We advise trading this market with caution and slippage in mind, as AVO is a 0 decimal token. We also advise against providing liquidity to this pool without understanding the liquidity dynamics of a 0 decimal token.

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