📶The Guaconomy

Explore the dynamic and growing economy of the Guacamole ecosystem and how funds may be utilized through AvocaDAO proposals.

Nothing on this page constitutes financial advice. All diagrams are made available for planning of the Guacamole ecosystem to clearly and transparently display the usage of fee capture and revenue between products.

Step 1: Capture Revenue And Fees

The Guacamole ecosystem captures revenue on most integrations and features in our application.

We have established fee and revenue models for each product that do not hinder on-boarding tactics. All fees are kept to a viable minimum percentage to promote usage. Please note that the following table shows current and future integrations.

The following integrated products in the TRADE section capture revenue:

  • Gamified Futures

  • Ripe Or Rotten

  • P2P System

  • Aggregated Liquidity Pools & AMM

Step 2: AvocaDAO Treasury Deposit

Fees captured in the integrations above are directly routed to either the AvocaDAO treasury or the treasury intermediary wallet controlled by the elected DAO council.

Fee Acquired In GUAC

Fees and revenue acquired directly in Guacamole (GUAC) will be deposited as is into the DAO treasury.

Fee Acquired In Other Token

Fees acquired in other tokens will be utilized to acquire GUAC on secondary markets through Jupiter and other aggregators to ensure the DAO receives optimal trade routing. This provides a viable way to grow GUAC treasury since all tokens are in circulation or under DAO control.

*Some proposals may require the treasury to not convert funds if they wish to establish further protocol-owned liquidity or use these tokens in other manners.

Step 3: Create And Fund Proposals

💡pageThe AvocaDAO

The AvocaDAO treasury is utilized by the council and community to fund a variety of different possible proposals to help scale and grow the Guacamole community and loyal users.

Below are some possible examples of proposals. Please note that this list is non-exhaustive and does not cover all possibilities.

Usage Examples

  • Staking Options (Can help reward eco-loyalty and grow protocol-owned liquidity)

  • Protocol Liquidity

  • Market Making

  • Liquidity Farms

  • Third-Party Integrations

  • Marketing Movements

  • Airdrops

  • Reward Systems

  • Token Burns

  • Development and Infrastructure Growth

  • Partners & Swaps

  • Exchange Listings

  • Bridge Liquidity Funding

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