Locker Data API

Partners and other integrators or product suites can utilize data from the Guacamole Liquidity Lockers in their interface to help users make safer and educated decisions when trading on Solana.

General API Information

The following data API displays information on all Guacamole liquidity lockers. This data is made public to help integrators from other platforms educate users about token and liquidity safety. It is provided for free at no cost, but please be courteous and cache data in incremental periods.

Using The API

Utilize the following API to fetch liquidity locker information.

Information in our system is updated incrementally to display the correct locked TVL and other parameters.

Fetch Guacamole Liquidity Lockers


Returns an array of all liquidity lockers and related data on Guacamole

Expected API Data Return

The API will return an array of information regarding liquidity lockers. Below is an example:

    "provider": "METEORA",
    "lockedLiquidityUSD": 3461.8791879987925,
    "lockedLiquidityLP": 29.85000005,
    "percentageUSD": 98.96241615126814,
    "mint": "5jRQJ9d4kQBN5ztSWhnvK2ETyx2RxXUi8g3Ev5VZ8jmZ",
    "creator": "F9eWaS8oE9L3S8DyEkMA5LwzvMikwLvC2fcSEDY96gfV",
    "poolId": "6iwnt3DxKdChqm1Eqfm64xTLQdgvtni1UB5QhbgYZzn3",
    "baseMint": "BRtf2yFzXVu26pqxkA9bdgyNKKYLPRMhNeX5wSwfzjns",
    "quoteMint": "So11111111111111111111111111111111111111112",
    "lockerId": "ETgFHNkRJ4ZRNtijrgYcCGAkRik1BYq25QwWkBshGm66",
    "unlockTime": "2024-01-31T23:00:00.000Z"
  • provider: The DEX that this liquidity was initially deposited into

  • lockedLiquidityUSD: $USD amount of liquidity locked.

  • lockedLiquidityLP: Number of LP Mint tokens currently locked in lockers.

  • percentageUSD: Percentage of liquidity from this pool locked in lockers.

  • mint: LP Token Mint ID that represents ownership of the underlying liquidity

  • creator: Initial creator address of this liquidity locker position

  • poolId: On-chain address for the underlying liquidity pool

  • baseMint: On-chain Token ID address for the base asset in the liquidity pool

  • quoteMint: On-chain Token ID address for quote asset in the liquidity pool

  • lockerID: On-chain address of the liquidity locker position

  • unlockTime: Displays the next unlock date for the tokens in this liquidity locker.

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