Burn SPL & NFT Tokens

Burn those worthless tokens and scam airdrops in your wallet to reclaim SOL back from rent accounts!

You can earn rewards on https://guac.gg/learn for completing our "Learn to Earn" course on this feature!

Rent accounts on Solana can be thought of as nutrient-rich soil that nourishes your digital assets. When an asset is burned, Solana's protocol calculates the amount of rent paid over time and returns a portion of it. This system ensures that the blockchain remains efficient by encouraging the removal of assets that are no longer needed or valuable.

In Solana, your digital assets (NFTs and Tokens) are like diverse fruits in a basket, each holding unique value and characteristics. The concept of 'juicing' these assets is a feature offered by Solana, where you can burn them to essentially extract their inherent value. This process is technically similar to destroying the token's record on the blockchain, converting its existence into a more liquid asset - SOL.

Selecting The Token Standard

Our system currently supports both standard SPL tokens and NFTs. You can toggle which token standard you want to browse for possible token burns at the top of the page.

Our system does not currently support burning cNFTs and these assets may not display in the loaded token balance table for your connected wallet. cNFTs do not return a valid amount of SOL for rent accounts when "burnt".

Getting Started

Unlike some other platforms, Guacamole offers this service for free and does not take a fee when burning tokens or NFTs.

  • Connect your wallet to Guacamole.gg and access the burn token panel in the tools section

  • Wait a moment for the system to parse related token accounts and display relevant information.

  • Select tokens in your connected wallet that you wish to burn

  • You can verify token information to ensure you do not accidentally burn tokens of value by clicking the "View Explorer" button.

  • After selecting the tokens you wish to burn, press the red "Burn All Selected" button at the top.

  • A transaction confirmation will appear from the connected wallet extension.

  • Confirm the transaction to burn the selected tokens and receive applicable SOL back from rent accounts.

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