Close Empty Accounts

Your wallet may have some unused token accounts! You can close these accounts to reclaim SOL from rent accounts.

Closing token accounts can help to reclaim SOL from rent and also clean up your wallet from remnants of older trading activity and spam airdrops.

Understanding Rent

Imagine you have a toy chest where you can keep all your toys. But you can only keep them in there if you pay a little bit of money to keep them there. That's kind of what the Solana blockchain is like. People can store information on it, but they have to pay a fee to keep it there. This is called "rent". It's like paying rent for an apartment so you can keep living in it. And just like how you have to keep paying rent to keep living in your apartment, people have to keep paying rent to keep their information stored on the Solana blockchain.

But there's a way to become "rent exempt". It's like getting a free pass to not pay rent. To do this, you need to have a certain amount of something called LAMPORTS. This is kind of like having a certain amount of money in your bank account. If you have enough LAMPORTS, you don't have to keep paying rent and your information can stay on the Solana blockchain for free.

But if you don't have enough LAMPORTS, your information will be removed from the Solana blockchain. This is called "Garbage Collection". It's like someone picking up all your toys from the toy chest and taking them away because you didn't pay enough money to keep them there.

If you decide to "Close an account" or "Burn Tokens" then the remaining rent associated with this data account on-chain is returned to your wallet!

Getting Started

  • Connect your wallet to and access the close token account panel in the tools section

  • Wait a moment for the system to parse related token accounts and display relevant information.

  • Select tokens in your connected wallet that you wish to close account and reclaim rent for.

  • You can verify token information to ensure you do not accidentally burn tokens of value by clicking the "View Explorer" button.

  • After selecting the token accounts you wish to close, press the red "Close All Selected" button at the top.

  • A transaction confirmation will appear from the connected wallet extension.

  • Confirm the transaction to close the selected token accounts and receive applicable SOL back from rent accounts.

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