Create SPL Token

Easily create your own SPL token on the Solana network in just 2 minutes with this simple no-code interface on Guacamole.

What Is An SPL Token?

  • Definition: SPL Tokens are the Solana blockchain's equivalent of ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum. They are the standard token type for fungible and non-fungible assets on Solana.

  • Usage: Used for a wide range of purposes including DeFi applications, governance, and as utility tokens in various Solana-based projects.

  • Creation and Management: Created and managed using the Solana Program Library (SPL), which provides a standardized way to issue and handle these tokens.

  • Efficiency: Benefit from Solana's high throughput and low transaction fees.

  • Interoperability: Easily integrated into Solana's ecosystem, including wallets, exchanges, and other DeFi applications.

Creating Your SPL Token

Our no-code token generator makes creating your own SPL token on Solana easier than ever before. Just enter a few key parameters in the included fields, hit the button, and you'll have your own token!

Included Parameters

  1. Token Name: This will be the full name of the token. For example, we use "Guacamole"

  2. Token Symbol: This will be the symbol or abbreviation for your token shown on most third-party platforms and exchanges. For this example, we use "GUAC".

  3. Number of Tokens To Mint: Enter the total number of tokens you wish to mint. Our platform does not allow you to mint extra tokens after the initial token creation, so we advise entering the total number of tokens you wish to "ever exist".

  4. Number of Decimals: Enter the decimal breakdown for your token. These decimals represent the "fractions" your token can be broken down into. We would recommend 5-6 for most use cases.

  5. Description: This will be the description for your token. Some projects include a short one-sentence summary and even a link to their website or Twitter page.

  6. Upload A Token Icon: Choose a .png file to represent the icon for your newly created token.

Metadata Upload

Our system handles the metadata upload to Arweave via Metaplex for you. This ensures there are no complications and that third-party platforms, exchanges, and wallets can correctly display your token logo and details!

Make sure that you confirm all associated transactions when signing to ensure there are no issues with your metadata upload to Arweave!

Creation Transactions

After entering your parameters, and pressing "Create Token" you will be prompted with several different transactions to approve from your connected wallet.

Please be patient during token creation and allow the transactions to be processed. It may take a few moments between each transaction to process and move on to the next transaction in the workflow.

  • Transaction 1: Creates metadata file that includes your set parameters. Estimated 0.000025691 SOL

  • Transaction 2: Associates Metadata accounts. Estimated 0.000025344 SOL

  • Transaction 3: Creates associated token accounts and mints tokens to the signer wallet. Estimated 0.0191276 SOL

In some rare cases, there may be more than 3 transactions dependent on simulation and creation needs. You will know the token creation has been finalized when the wallet simulation displays that you will receive your created token.

AI Creation Help

Press a button and have our AI Creation tool make a random matching token name, logo, and description for you! These features are coming soon.

Token Creation Fees

  • Standard Solana Network & Arweave Fees: A small amount of Solana will be charged to create the associated accounts, propagate data on-chain, mint the tokens you have created, and upload your metadata to Arweave. Estimated token creation fees are broken down above in "Creation Transactions".

The Following Guacamole Fee is currently waived during this period. You are only responsible for paying the fees associated with uploading Metadata and token minting.

  • Guacamole Creation Fee: We charge a small flat rate of 10m GUAC for creating a token on our platform to ensure we can continue to maintain and update the portal. You can click the "Buy Guac" button in the fee display to open a new tab and acquire some tokens without losing your progress on the token creation page.

Follow-Up Considerations

Congratulations! You've officially minted your first token. But you may still need to make some changes to the attached authorities to build trust with your community.

We recommend using the "Token Manager" to update and revoke any changes that may need to be accomplished. You can read more about why this may be good for your token here.

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