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Trade, earn, create, and play effortlessly while enjoying a seamless and user-friendly experience. Get started and unlock a world of possibilities with Guacamole.

Guacamole's DeFi portal provides an amazing interface for beginner and veteran cryptocurrency enthusiasts wishing to explore everything the Solana ecosystem has to offer. You may notice that every section of the DEX is broken down into an ingredient from our favorite Guacamole recipe!

Please verify that you are always interacting with the correct URL and application found below:

Explore (Home Page)

The new explore page (home page) provides an insightful and statistical look into several key features of the Guacamole DEX. You can easily interact with these snippets and follow the navigation to full feature pages to start trading and interacting within our ecosystem! Please note that all older explore URLs have now been redirected to the new home page - as we no longer provide a general overview of the complete Solana ecosystem - instead focusing solely on Guacamole.



At its core, the Guacamole DEX is powered by the GuacSwap Automated Market Maker (AMM). Guacamole aims to provide the simplest and most intuitive on-chain trading experience for users of all levels within the Solana ecosystem. Easily swap, trade, provide liquidity, bridge, and onboard within this section of the DEX.



There are several exciting features within the "Earn" section of the Guacamole platform. Features in this section allow users to utilize a variety of integrations to earn yield, fees, tokens, NFTs, and more.



Connect your wallet and enjoy a variety of fun, simple, and verifiably random on-chain games where you can potentially win jackpots and payouts in SOL, GUAC, USDC, JUP, and more!



Find a variety of easy-to-use tools in our suite that can instantly help improve your quality of life while interacting with the Solana blockchain or starting your own project!



Introducing a fresh and spicy way to launch your token or project with easy-to-follow walk-throughs. Create your token and manage your project or lock liquidity for your community!


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