Learn more about Chatamole. Where time is money and introductions are worth something. Respond to messages or reach out to other users.

Web3 Messaging Service

Unlock personalized connections with Chatamole, the innovative platform where your time is valued. Engage in meaningful conversations, secure quick replies, and ensure your messages stand out by compensating users for their time.

Value Every Introduction With Prioritized Interactions

Chatamole elevates your communication by ensuring every interaction is valued and every message stands out. By rewarding the time others spend engaging with you, Chatamole creates a meaningful space where your introductions shine, guaranteeing your messages rise above the inbox clutter.

Earn As You Engage And Amplify Your Network

Chatamole is the nexus where professional relationships thrive, as it not only facilitates but also incentivizes meaningful interactions. Whether you're offering advice, sharing an idea, or broadening your network, Chatamole turns every exchange into a valued opportunity, rewarding you for the connections you make and the insights you share.

Setting Up Your Chatamole

Chatamole is intertwined with your public Pitfolio page but can be accessed separately via social sharing links.

All Chatamole introduction prices are displayed in $USD and transactions will take place in the equivalent amount of value in $GUAC at the time of message. This amount will be directly forwarded to your attached Solana wallet without any intermediary fees.

Follow the instructions below to receive paid messages:

  • Login or Create an account

  • Go to your dashboard

  • Click on the "Chatamole" or "Inbox" link (Desktop / Mobile)

  • Here you can view your incoming messages but also set your desired introduction price and a Discord Webhook URL to inform you of incoming messages.

  • Once your parameters are set, you can share your public Chatamole or Pitfolio link. Our pages even include social sharing options to make this easy.

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