Native Integrations

Discover the endless possibilities with GUAC token, the heartbeat of the Guacamole application universe. GUAC is crafted to power up your digital experience with an astonishing amount of uses.

We're stirring up the Guacamole mix with a dash of strategy and a sprinkle of fun in every native integration! Our recipe is to blend beneficial features that help our Guaconomy flourish with each new update. Imagine a sizzling economy savoring the zest of Guacamole (GUAC), growing juicier by the day. Come dip into our ecosystem, where every scoop is a new adventure! πŸ₯‘βœ¨

Governance And Treasury

AvocaDAO Governance

Make your mark in the crypto universe by voting with GUAC, AvocaDAO's premier governance token. Your GUAC holdings empower you to influence key decisions within our community. Voice your opinions on important proposals that will determine the treasury's path. Every GUAC token is equal to 1 vote.

AvocaDAO Treasury

The AvocaDAO is on a mission to fortify GUAC's standing with a steady flow of revenue from our protocols and platforms. The main unit of account within our treasury is the GUAC token and a majority of revenue flow is transformed or swapped into GUAC on the market before being deposited into the grand treasury wallet on Realms.

Rewards Systems

Staking Options

The AvocaDAO supplies Guacamole (GUAC) for Staking Options on Dual Finance as a beneficial substitute to passive staking methods.

Marketplace Discounts

Connect your wallet to and watch the perks pour in! With verified GUAC and Avotar holdings, you'll unlock exclusive discounts on a treasure trove of items. From games to software, gift cards, and beyond, the Guacamole marketplace is the freshest scoop.

Referral Programs

Boost your GUAC balance and supercharge your referral rewards! The more GUAC you hold, the bigger the bounty - earn a cornucopia of points, rewards, and prizes when your referred amigos engage with our ecosystem.

Rewards Redemption

Earn big with GUAC tokens on! Partnering with industry giants like OKX & Bybit, we offer users a smorgasbord of rewards. Claim your slice of the GUAC directly to your wallet, or mix it up and choose how you reap your well-earned bounty.

Trading Integrations

Trading Fee Rebates

Climb the tiers and reel in the rebates with GUAC! Get the lowdown on perpetual swaps and score fee discounts tailored to your GUAC holdings. For the full scoop on slicing down costs, check out the detailed rebates and discount guides on each integration's documentation page.

Liquidity Incentives

Dive into the world of GUAC, where liquidity and trading rewards flow directly from the heart of AvocaDAO! Take, for instance, the time our community rallied behind Proposal #2, green-lighting a juicy Raydium Liquidity Farm for a whole month.

Ripe Or Rotten

Guacamole can be used as collateral within the Ripe or Rotten trading game where all trades and rewards are established in Guacamole (GUAC)

Marketplace Integrations

Purchase Games & Gift Cards

Unleash the power of your GUAC tokens in our marketplace to snag the hottest items on the block. From the latest games to cutting-edge software, gift cards, and beyond, your GUAC is your gateway to a world of premium goodies.

Secondary Item Marketplace

You can showcase and sell the games and items you've clinched from raffles and giveaways in our bustling secondary marketplace. Dive into a seamless peer-to-peer trading experience where every transaction is smoothly conducted in Guacamole (GUAC).

List Your Token In The Shop

Sprinkle some Guacamole (GUAC) magic to get your token featured in our game shop on GUAC.GG as a shiny new payment option. Let users effortlessly connect their wallets and splurge using your native token. With just a modest fee and a few basic requirements, you're all set to elevate your token's presence.

Tooling And Project Management

No-Code Token Creation

With just a scoop of GUAC as a fee, our no-code interface invites you to effortlessly bring your token to life.

Liquidity Lockers

Unlock the power of Solana liquidity lockers with GUAC! Our platform offers seamless liquidity-locking services, allowing projects to secure their financial foundation on Solana with confidence. With GUAC, expect transparent, fair pricing for initial locks and re-locks, payable in both Guacamole tokens and your supplied LP tokens.

Tokenized NFT Farms

Unlock the power of Guacamole (GUAC) and launch your Tokenized NFT Farm with ease! With just a splash of GUAC, set the stage for your project's farming pool, attracting enthusiasts eager to dive into the world of digital collectibles. Plus, GUAC holders, get ready to stake your tokens in the exclusive Avotar pool at launch, and start redeeming points for coveted Avotar NFTs.

Liquidity Farming

Sprout your project's growth with GUAC by setting up your very own liquidity farms and incentives, boosting your Total Value Locked (TVL) like never before. With a dash of Guacamole (GUAC), kickstart your farming endeavors and watch as your project flourishes.

Play Or Win Prizes

Raffles And Giveaways

Dip into your stash of Guacamole (GUAC) and join the fun with raffles and giveaways! From thrilling games, essential software, must-have subscriptions, and versatile gift cards, to the coveted Solana Saga phones, the prize garden is ripe for the picking. Fancy hosting your own raffle? A sprinkle of GUAC is all it takes to get the ball rolling, gathering entries right into your Guacamole pot.

The GUAC Converter

Take a whirl with the GUAC Converter on GUAC.GG and let the excitement unfold as you trade in your GUAC for a surprise bounty of reward points. It’s all about the thrill of chance and the joy of seeing how many points your GUAC will fetch.

Play And Make Bets

Leverage your GUAC as collateral in the play section on and dive into a world of betting where GUAC prizes await the daring.

Supply Game Liquidity

Fuel the fun by supplying GUAC liquidity in the play section, and watch as your rewards bubble up with every bet placed by fellow players. It’s not just playing the game; it’s being part of the game’s engine, earning fees and reaping the benefits of the bustling GUAC betting arena.

Third-Party Integrations

Visit this section to view the growing list of GUAC integrations within the greater ecosystem!

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Just a friendly heads-up: our documentation is purely for your curiosity and doesn't serve as financial advice or a crystal ball for future returns on Guacamole (GUAC) holdings. It's all about sharing the latest and greatest on our native integrations – nothing more, nothing less.

Remember, $GUAC burst onto the scene as a meme coin with a big heart for its community, never meant to be a golden ticket. It sprouted from the fun of meme culture, without any real value or promises of financial gains tied to it. There's no grand plan or team behind the scenes – just the $GUAC DAO (AvocaDAO) and our amazing community steering the ship through collective decisions and contributions.

We're all here to have a good time! Every integration you see has been crafted by third-party geniuses and presented on our site and other platforms purely to spice things up and keep you entertained. So, take a look around, enjoy the vibe, but remember, it's all in the name of fun!

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