Swap Aggregator

Details and instructions for trading tokens through Guacamole's swap aggregator integrations.

As with most decentralized exchanges, the swap module provides the simplest way to interact and exchange one token for another in a two-click manner.

Aggregation of the most efficient routes for optimal return on swaps has become an important cornerstone of the Solana ecosystem with platforms like Jupiter. The Guacamole community understands this and wants to ensure that all users of the platform are always entitled to the best route and most efficient swap methods.

You can also directly utilize GuacSwap pools for your transaction by clicking the "GuacSwap" tab in the swap module itself. We have also recently added the portfolio management table which is documented below!

How To Swap With Guacamole

Please always ensure you are connecting to the correct URL. The URL for our swap page can be found at https://guacamole.gg/trade/swap

After verifying you have connected to the right application, you can follow the simple steps below!

  • Connect Your Wallet

  • Select either Jupiter (for aggregation) or GuacSwap (to interact directly with our pools)

  • Select Your Tokens To Swap

  • Review Transaction Details

  • Confirm And Initiate Transaction

General Swap Tips

  • Always double-check to ensure you are trading the correct token. The display under the swap module helps with verification by showing the program id with embedded Solscan links.

  • The quote given is not the final price. The quote provided for a route is based on the current liquidity in the pools. Pool liquidity can change at any time, and sometimes pools may temporarily close or rebalance to provide a different price.

  • Set slippage to protect yourself if the price diverges from the initial quoted price.

Setting Swap Slippage

Slippage happens when prices change between submitting and confirming a transaction. The slippage rate helps ensure users get the expected number of tokens. If the price drops more than the slippage rate, the transaction will fail.

You can click on the settings tab in the top right of the swap module to set a custom slippage parameter for your transaction.

Price Impact

Price impact is the change in an asset's price caused by a trade. This is important in decentralized exchanges (DEXs) or automated market makers (AMMs) because of their liquidity model.

Price impact depends on the available liquidity and the trade size. For example, if you want to swap a large amount of one token for another in a liquidity pool, a bigger trade relative to the pool's size will have a more significant price impact. This happens because your trade changes the balance of tokens in the pool, directly affecting the price based on the AMM's formula.

Price impact numbers vary across AMMs, and the figure shown on Guacamole is an aggregate based on your specific trade route.

Portfolio Table

The new portfolio table allows users to quickly view and interact with their connected wallet balance.

The table displays the connect wallet's token balances (sorted by $USD value) and features our new quick actions. To view and interact with these quick actions you can select the more button (3 dots).

  • Buy <Token>: This option auto-fills this token in the swap module as the output against SOL.

  • Sell <Token>: This option auto-fills this token in the swap module as the input against SOL.

  • Sell for GUAC: This option auto-fills this token in the swap module as the input and selects GUAC as the output token.

  • Exit to USDC: This option auto-fills this token in the swap module as the input and selects USDC as the output token.

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