Liquid Solana Staking

Stake your Solana and earn staking rewards while also being able to swap & participate in DeFi.

What Is Liquid Staking?

Liquid staking allows you to stake tokens without losing access to their liquidity. This is done through tokenization, creating on-chain representations of staked assets called liquid staking tokens, which represent a claim on the underlying staking positions.

When you stake SOL to receive an LST (Liquid Staking Token), you're not swapping tokens. Instead, the LST represents your original SOL position. Think of it like wrapping a token or getting a "proof-of-stake token" that remains liquid as an SPL token.

Staking your SOL to an LST is essentially the same as regular staking. The LST price relative to SOL is only affected by staking rewards, not market speculation. This means the LST provides a way to diversify your stake across multiple validators in the stake pool, rather than locking your tokens into a single validator.

Current Staking Options

We currently provide access to the following liquid staking tokens through the Guacamole DEX:

Marinade Finance (mSOL)

mSOL is a liquid staking token you get when you stake SOL on the Marinade protocol. These mSOL tokens represent your staked SOL in Marinade's stake pool.

They act as a receipt, allowing you to exchange them later for your staked SOL and the earned rewards. In the meantime, you can use mSOL in DeFi while its value increases relative to your SOL.

mSOL is a rewards-accruing liquid staking token. After each Solana epoch (2-3 days), its value is updated based on the staking rewards earned by the Marinade Stake Pool.

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